Avenger Time and animated gifs!

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So I went to a Christmas in July party thing at work earlier. It was pretty fun! People came in all dressed up – caricature artists had to be “comic book” themed so I chose to go as Death from the Sandman comics (pics later maybe). We also exchanged gifts – I got a kickass Doctor Who Tardis lunch box (which I will now use forevermore) and in return, I drew this silly little doodle for my coworker.

Avenger Time!

Oh yeah, it’s totally (some of) the Avengers a la Adventure Time. With my friend in a Batman shirt. Because these universes are colliding.

Also, someone made an animated gif of my “adventures of bear & bear & charles carreon” comic earlier and posted it on arstechnica. Pretty fricking sweet! I’d like to give a hearty handshake to whoever did that, as well as these completely legit e-props: <]:-{)

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