Club W: Box #1

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There are a ton of online and offline wine clubs out there who, for a set price, send a box of awesome nummies to your door once per month. I’d actually received a beautiful and bountiful package of 12 wine bottles from the Tasting Room as a Christmas gift from my partner’s mom. (Thanks again, Ellen!) Prior to receiving the 12 wine bottles, the Tasting Room sent us a complimentary wine sampler kit, which we used to fill out an online taste profile form. Tasting Room then selected 6 different wines they think we would like based on the taste profile, and voila – instant alcoholism abounds!

Merry Christmas 2014, courtesy of the Tasting Room and a wonderful MIL2B!

I’ve been bitten by the  box bug ever since I started my Stitch Fix subscription, which has led me not only to buy shoes from JustFab, but also to purchase wines from a monthly wine subscription service called Club W, which is sort of like Tasting Room with a few differences. For one, Club W does not send a wine sampler kit – upon signup, they prompt you to fill out an online taste profile right off the bat, which could be kind of a turnoff/overwhelming to those who don’t already have an idea of what kind of wine they are into. They do however have an option you can check if you are undecided about your wine preferences, so all is not lost. After the taste profile is filled out, it takes you to a page of top 3 and other recommendations. You can choose what wines you would like in your shipment and then checkout. Once you’ve received your shipment (which is absolutely beautifully packaged in a black and maroon handled box containing stylish information cards including referral links and recipe pairing ideas) and you’ve drunk all the wine, you can choose to do it all over again next month or skip it entirely.

My first Club W box! Included in this box was a malbec, a cab/syrah blend, and a mysteriously undefined red wine blend.

Overall notes: How did the wine taste? Was it accurate to my usual tastes? Was I pleasantly surprised? Will I try a new blend based on their recommendations for next month? Perhaps even a white wine based on my red wine tastes? Also, will the $39 + $6 flat rate shipping be enough to hold my interest, when my first box only cost half that? And who would I recommend this to? We shall see next time…!

For those of you who are interested in a classy, stylish, and nummy wine subscription service, you can use my personal invite link here to sign up for your first Club W box:

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