Creative Weekend: Canvas for a Cause, anniversary gifts, and a custom board game insert!

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CreativeWeekend01_0001_Layer Comp 2I had a terribly terrific creative weekend last weekend, devoted to making all kinds of artsy things in all kinds of mediums, and it was a BLAST.

A couple months back, Matt’s mom commissioned two artworks as an anniversary gift to her husband (and herself! haha). I ended up doing a black-and-white ink drawing of Matt and Emma taking a walk by a creek and a caricature portrait of all three of us, which was done digitally, printed out on cardstock, and then matted. They’re on their way now and should be arriving this coming Monday – I hope she likes them! 🙂

The blue and white canvas you see in the upper left and right corners was my submission to ReelFX’s 4th Canvas for a Cause event. I have been in other art-related charitable events (you can find articles on Rare Candy and Press Start on the interwebs) and not only are they a great way to check out cool art from local artists and meet awesome new people, they help raise awareness and funds for organizations who do good in the world. WIN WIN! So I pretty much poured 6 straight hours late Saturday/early Sunday working on my submission, ultimately titled “Help! I’m stuck in a floral print!” I don’t know who bought it but I would love to meet them and thank them for being an art lover and charitable giver and therefore all around awesome person.CreativeWeekend01_0000_Layer Comp 1For the rest of the weekend I worked on this bad boy – a custom insert for Dead of Winter, one of my all time favorite board games. I based it off of these plans by Esoteric Order of Gamers. Xacto knives and I mix like oil and water, except with sharp pointy edges and a ton of expletives, so none of my angles ever came out 90 degrees. The little insert in the upper right corner was how it looked while the glue was drying (so cute! so many push pins!). It came out decent and it was a fun time. I think I may get as addicted to it as I am to the actual playing of the board games! My next custom insert project is a toss up between Castles of Mad King Ludwig (another game I love that came with no insert at all) or Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island, although I may want to wait until after I grab the Robinson Crusoe expansion. Decisions decisions!

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