“End of the Vine” Takes 1st Place in CSU Media Arts Festival 2014!

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End of the Vine from Raquel Rabbit on Vimeo.

In my senior year of college, I and some of my most hard-working, passionate, and wacky colleagues worked on “End of the Vine,” a short 3D-animated film about a dedicated scientist hellbent on resolving the plague of food shortages her world faces. It was a wild and rocky journey, and while the story went through so so so SO many changes, and many ideas were left on the cutting room floor in 218, we were all happy with the final product.

And it looks like some others enjoyed it too, considering it took 1st Place and won the Rosebud Award in the 2014 CSU Media Arts Festival! Booyah!

Major props and credit goes to the co-directors, Megan Hart and Megan Lawton, who pored laboriously over the story and never lost their love for it, and to the animators who worked their butt off, and Jared Millls for leading the film in a new direction. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the awards ceremony, but here’s some of the (gorgeous, handsome) team that took it home!


from left to right: Jeanette McKillop, Story Artist; Megan Hart, Co-Director; Jacob Baker, Animator; Megan Lawton, Co-Director; Nick Marshall, Animator; Jared Mills, 3D Modeler

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