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Graze (stylized as “graze”) is another monthly subscription service whose focus is on delivering healthy, delicious, perfectly portioned snacks to your door on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Matt and I are big time foodies, which is great, but we are also big time couch potatoes, which in tandem with the foodie thing is not so great. I’ve started devoting half an hour to an hour every morning to exercise in trying to combat the pudge, but here’s to hoping graze could supply snacks satisfying enough during the day that I wouldn’t ever need to reach for buttery popcorn at night!

They started me off with a free trial of their 4-pack variety snack box, which came in the mail promptly two weeks later in just the cutest craftiest box.


Graze_Box00Box #0 was a good representation of the kind of range graze offers, and I enjoyed every one of these as a snack. It was pleasantly surprising to know that even though the packs look mighty small, the contents pack a fulfilling and delicious punch. My favorites of the trial box has to be the cheese board and the deconstructed raspberry and coconut muffin.

It would be another two weeks before my first box arrived, so I hopped onto graze’s snack catalog to check out what else they would possibly be offering. Each snack on their website includes a description of the foodstuffs, a quick summary of their nutritional values and benefits, and a very simple but effective rating system which allows the consumer actually quite a bit of control in what snacks get sent. (Because I am not a big fan of dried fruits, I rated a lot of those as “trash,” which tells graze that I don’t want those in my boxes. To compensate, I went ahead and rated just about everything containing chocolate or cheese as things I “love,” which means I’ll be seeing those snacks much more frequently. I’m not ready to go cold turkey!)


My first box just came in two days ago, and I do love when companies put effort into their packaging design, although they chose a very weird looking fruit to print onto the underside of the box lid. I’ve already eaten the key lime pie snack (which was delicious and so clever – lime flavored raisins, really??) and Matt pretty much gobbled up the banana caramel dippers (which he tells me was also very delicious), and I can’t wait to taste the rest. Looks like I’ve found another box service I”ll have to squeeze into my grocery budget. 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out graze, I’ve got some referral codes you can use which gives you your 1st and 5th graze boxes free (that’s a $12 to $24 value right there!). Just go ahead to and enter the following code: XQTGTK94B. Tell them what snacks you like and where you are, and you’re on your way to grazing (which I hope is a well documented journey that I can also read up on!).

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