Nicholas Armature: Part 2

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Now that the wire armature is basically done, I was ready to move on to applying clay and actually modeling the character. Exciting! But before that, I used floral tape (once again, bought from Michael’s) to cover the wires and epoxy. Clay requires a more textured surface to hold on to, and will slide around if wrapped around a bare wire. The floral tape is nice in that it is thin, textured, and tacky, so it wrapped tightly around the armature and held fast.

Floral tape and armature.

Armature taped up. Behold my mummy/alien/puppet/robot monster!

Clay time! I used Van Aken plastalina, a few cheapo sculpting tools, and my fingers for this bit, keeping in mind the silhouette and shapes the boy has. I left blank the parts that would be visible for fleshy colored clay. (Reminder: find fleshy colored clay somewhere).

First pass at clay.

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