Philippines Trip 2012 – Greetings from the Philippines!

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I’m currently typing this up as I sit in my hotel room at the RAQ Pensionne, waiting for my noon flight from beautiful Palawan back to Cebu, where my family and I will have to pack for Cagayan de Oro for the next three days. It’s a pretty hectic schedule, and it’s been virtually like this for the entire past week now, ever since my brother, dad, stepmother, and I landed in Mactan Cebu International Airport on May 31st. So I’m taking advantage of this rare moment of downtime to send greetings from the Philippines!

I plan to do some retroactive updates on my trip here (“retroactive updates” – is that even grammatically possible?) – my vacation is only halfway done and already I’ve done and ate and learned so many things. Filipino culture is both familiar and strange to me – it’ll be interesting to get reacquainted with it.


So here’s a greeting from the Philippines!

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