Stitch Fix: Box #1

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Now that I can afford some nicer clothes and nifty services, I’ve jumped onto the Stitch Fix bandwagon! For those who are not familiar, Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription service delivering 5 pieces of clothing, handpicked by stylists and their massive team of data scientists, to your front door. Check out their website here:

If my post ends up interesting you, you can click here to sign up. Using this link gives me $25 credit for everyone who signs up, and you receive your own referral link as well. It’s a win-win!


“Unboxing” my first Stitch Fix box. I dig all the thought that went into the packaging!

I filled out their detailed profile form, started filling my Pinterest board (to which I am now severely addicted), and waited excitedly for my first Stitch Fix box to arrive. Dallas was hit by a winter storm early this week so I was expecting it to be delayed a few days – but to my utter and happy surprise it actually arrived 2 days earlier than the scheduled date! I jumped on the box as soon as I got home from work, and here are the pictures chronicling my very first Stitch Fix experience. 😀


Sneak peek of what came in my first box.


The first piece I tried on was a dark green Marcus & Spruce Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top. I am not a big fan of green or camo colors, but the patterning on the shirt actually made it appealing. It was super comfy and light, and I love the sleeve length. I almost kept this one, but ultimately had to return it because of the weird arm webs (when I spread my arms, I look like a bat) and the way the front sags down, giving me more of a potbelly look than I already have.


Marcus & Spruce Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – dark green.

The next pieces I tried on were the black Loveappella Amanda Twist Back Knit Top and the navy Honey Punch Mya Plaid & Lace Button-Up. The detail on the knit top was cute – if it was 15 to 20 dollars cheaper, I might have kept it. Alas, it was too simple for its price tag, so it’s being returned.

The plaid and lace button-up sounded promising when I first took it out of the box – I like plaid, and I like lace, but I found out the two didn’t end up pairing well with each other. It ended up being way too big on me – I looked, to use my partner’s word, “frumpy.” And to top it all off, the buttons kept snagging on loose fabric fibers around the button holes whenever I put the shirt on or took it off. It felt very cheaply made, and since I’m looking for clothes that I can keep and wear a while, this one was a definite return.


Loveappella Amanda Twist Back Knit Top – black & Honey Punch Mya Plaid and Lace Button-Up – navy.


Oooh if I had a slightly bigger wallet, the navy THML Ronson Back Zip Blouse would have made its way into my closet. I loved the colors – the navy blue of the fabric, the light tan/cream of the polka dots, even the brown leather trim on the arm holes! The material is light, perhaps too light for the current winter blast we’re having, but definitely a piece for the summer. I may have to request this specific top later on, if possible… 🙂


THML Ronson Back Zip Blouse – navy.


The final piece I tried on was Kut from the Kloth’s grey Coventry Raglan Top, and to my second utter surprise of the night, it ended up being the keeper of this box! (My photographs don’t do it any justice.) As soon as I put it on I felt right at home – the fabric is comfortable, I love its not-quite-long sleeve length, and the V-neck shape is flattering without being showy. I am not a fan of neon orange, more of a burnt sienna/cinnamon kinda gal, but it gave this top a nice element of “pop.” I’ll definitely be wearing this out and about immediately – bring it on, winter storm!


Kut from the Kloth Coventry Raglan Top – grey.


My final thoughts on my first Stitch Fix experience: I was definitely trying on pieces that I normally wouldn’t grab off of a rack if I were out shopping, but I’m glad I tried them all. It’s helping me figure out my actual tastes from my perceived tastes, and Stephanie did a good job at her first time outfitting picky ole me. For my second box, I would love to see more variety in the types of clothing I try on (like outerwear, pants, or jewelry, rather than 5 tops), maybe even some wedding-guest worthy pieces for a friend’s wedding in March. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what she (or whoever my next stylist is) picks out for me next! 🙂

And one final photo montage for the stylist – some things I wore in the past week, just to give them an idea of my current style.


Please excuse my strange forced expression. I am not used to taking pictures of myself in a mirror. 😀

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