Stitch Fix: Box #4

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Oh you guys, has it already been four months since I started this Stitch Fix thing? Long gone are the cool, short days of winter – a whole other beast is ready to burst through the blooming tree buds, and its name is SUMMER.

Dallas summers are a special, burning kind of hot and my closet as of now is poorly prepared to handle it, so I requested trusted stylist Nancy again to throw some cute pieces my way. My only parameters for this fix were that (1) they be work appropriate, and (2) they could totally be a bright fun color despite my usual neutral/monochromatic sensibilities. And here’s what came in!


My fourth Stitch Fix box included:

Skies Are Blue Serra Lace Detail Top in white
Skies Are Blue Camino V-Neck Top in purple
Pixley Edmond Henley Knit Top in teal green
Level 99 Ibis Straight Leg Jean in white
Zad Dawson Hammered Layered Metal Bib Necklace in gold

StitchFix_Box04_03Skies Are Blue Serra Lace Detail Top: This top is so cute. No, I mean it. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is just. So. Cute. I love the detail work and silhouette of the lace and how it contrasts against my dark jeans and pairs with my white wedges. But the fit isn’t working – it hangs on me less like a blouse and more like a curtain, especially when viewed from the side. I’ve got a bum I admittedly like to show off, and this top only hides it. I also noticed dark splotches of…something…on the fabric itself. This one shall be returned.

StitchFix_Box04_04Skies Are Blue Camino V-Neck Top: Another top that is also just so cute. Look at that print! The colors are so attractive and right up my alley, but unfortunately this second top suffers from almost exactly the same reasons as the lace top – too loose of a fit and just kinda hangs awkwardly on me. It seems Skies Are Blue is not a brand for me – this one will be returned.

StitchFix_Box04_05Pixley Edmond Henley Knit Top: And now we’ve come upon the most dangerous of territories, when I start falling hard and fast in love with just one glance or feel. Nancy put together a full outfit for me with the remaining three pieces in the box and she absolutely nailed it. Wearing the Henley Knit Top with the necklace and Level 99 jeans all just felt and looked so right. The Henley knit top is light and airy, has 3/4 sleeves which I love, has metallic-shimmery buttons which I dig, and encompasses pretty much all of the summer colors I was hoping to get (coral pink, Kelly green, turquoise blue). I was a bit skeptical of the print at first but pairing it with neutral bottoms and classic accessories works fabulously. This top is a definite keeper.

Level 99 Ibis Straight Leg Jean: Shopping for pants is one of the most frustrating things in the world I can think of to do, but wow does Stitch Fix make it easy – the Ibis straight leg jeans fit like a gem. I already own two other pairs of white pants but neither of them quite fit me like this one does (one of the pairs I currently own is much too wide at the waist and the other is much too long and drags on the ground – I don’t actually recall ever buying or even picking them out in a store so I must have received them as gifts or hand me downs or somewhere equally as mysterious). These are going into my closet – kept!


 Zad Dawson Hammered Layered Metal Bib Necklace: And last but not least is the necklace. I really do like this necklace – it is simpler than most other statement necklaces out there, and I love the rugged look of the hammered metal (class with a bit of an edge is yummy yummy). But I feel I can find a better deal on a similar piece, and I have a rule that unless I love the whole box, I won’t be purchasing jewelry from Stitch Fix shipments. So with a heavy heart, this one shall be returned.

Let me just say how important and awesome it is to have landed Nancy as my go-to stylist – she manages to wow me and stun my wallet with every fix sent out. I may have to adjust my style profile some more since the two tops I’m returning were solid options but ultimately didn’t work out. It’s like the difference between watching a really good movie and a really good TV show – they are both surprising and entertaining, but with TV shows you are able to forge deeper connections with the characters over a longer period of time. It is much more satisfying than only meeting them for an hour or two, and anyway what I’m trying to say is Nancy, you rock, and I hope I get to keep you for a while! And I’d love to see what you do with the next box, which is scheduled to land pretty darn close to my birthday… 🙂

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