Stitch Fix: Box #5

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Happy birthday to me! My fifth Stitch Fix arrived on my doorstep right on my birthday and it made for a very lovely and delightful surprise. I’m just going to jump right in with the chronicling since I’ve got only two days left to decide what to pass on and what to keep, and I’d like your feedback!

Skies Are Blue Javier Crochet Panel Top in coral: First off, I love the color – it’s coral, it’s bright, and it’s perfect for summer! The fit feels a bit weird and formless, but surprisingly it photographs very well. I had initially requested not to receive any more Skies Are Blue branded clothes since I was so unimpressed with the two tops I received last month, but now I’m not so sure. StitchFix_Box05_03

Mavi Huntter Cuffed Short in blue: Let’s start with the pros, shall we? The length is short enough to be good for summer but also appropriate for work. It’s denim and therefore versatile and easy to dress with, and I currently don’t own any other denim shorts. The fit is perfect at the waist and is also a bit strethy (good for accommodating those big dinner nights out). So it’s got a few things going for it. Now for the cons. It comes pre-distressed which I really do not like (I can punch holes in my clothes without any help from the manufacturers), although thankfully the distressing isn’t much more than one spot on the left leg. Also it bunches weirdly under my bum and does not look very flattering from behind, although that may just be me standing weirdly. The price tag is high for a pair of shorts (which I won’t disclose here, but let’s say it’s about twice the price a pair of Guess jeans).StitchFix_Box05_04

Renee C Hythe Scoop Neck Top in red: What a summery top this is! I love the bright, bold print and it looks great paired with my Just Black jeans from Stitch Fix box #2 (great suggestion Nancy!). The scoop neckline is super cute too, though I’m going to have to be careful whenever bending over or standing next to really tall guys (which Matt is, but that’s totally cool). I am definitely keeping this one!StitchFix_Box05_05

THML Remington Shift Dress in tan: I don’t think I’ve ever owned or even wore a shift dress before, so it was fun seeing this piece and trying it on. Because I’m super petite and curvy I have to be careful with tops and dresses that aren’t fitted – they tend to hang straight down and widen my silhouette like a circus tent. So I was a bit weirded out wearing this dress by itself, but throwing on a belt tremendously helped. It actually ended up looking really cute! (Of course, there are no pictures showing this, but trust me.) The print is looks like bow ties from afar and the bright royal blue stripe running down the side is a fun detail.

Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote in gold: The last piece I tried on was this HUGE tote, which is also the first I’ve received from Stitch Fix. I love big bags and I cannot lie (see the size comparison between the reversible tote and my trusty Kate Spade I bring to work everyday – they’re pretty close). It’s cool that it’s also reversible, though if I were to keep this I would probably just keep the gold side out. As soon as I use it, I guarantee the inner color will be stained, which kinda makes the reversibility a moot point anyway. Plus the stitching looks a bit awkward on either side. It’s a cute idea, and the gold is such a nice color, but I don’t know that I love it.

I need your help, fashionista friends! Chime in with your thoughts and votes and perhaps even your detailed logical explanations why – I’d love to hear what you think I should keep!

Thanks for reading!

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