Stitch Fix: Box #6

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StitchFix_Box06__0000_Layer Comp 1

Yay! My Stitch Fix came in two days earlier than I anticipated! 🙂 Let’s dive in shall we?


StitchFix_Box06__0001_Layer Comp 2

Renee C Addae Fit & Flare Dress in cobalt: Wow how blue this dress is! I love the color, and it’s great that my stylist would send it knowing I’d love the color, but I already have a plethora of blue/navy dresses in my wardrobe. I can’t neglect another! This one shall be returned.

StitchFix_Box06__0002_Layer Comp 3

Skies Are Blue Krishna Cutout Detail Top in black: Oh man, it’s happened – Nancy, my ever trusty stylist, sent me a Skies Are Blue top that I actually really really like! I’ve had issues with the brand in previous boxes (always a bit big and/or unshapely) but there’s something different about this top that just worked. Maybe it was the lighter material? The cute and subtle cutout detail just under the clavicle? The fun print in classic colors? Who knows! I love it and it’s being kept.

StitchFix_Box06__0003_Layer Comp 4

Look by M Harrison Striped Infinity Scarf in red: My wardrobe lacks infinity scarves and I’m looking to fix that, though I was surprised to find this in my box at this time of year. It’s got 4th of July written all over it, which would be fun to wear on that day. But because it looks so much like the American flag, I just don’t imagine myself wearing it at any other time, and scarves  are not a part of my summer outfit plans. This one shall be returned.

StitchFix_Box06__0004_Layer Comp 5

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short in blue: These chino shorts look so nice in the box and are a winner from a practical standpoint: they’re a good length for summer and work, they’re a nice light color, and they’re not heavy denim. But they seem exceptionally baggy around the hip area and the pockets flare out even when standing straight up. The waistband fits just right so I’m not sure why there would be so much extra fabric, but there you are. I’m not sure about this one – should I keep or let it go?

StitchFix_Box06__0005_Layer Comp 6Brixon Ivy Clifton Embellished Henley Tank in off-white: There are those moments when you look at something and know instantly that you love it and need it, whether it’s a piece of clothing, a French pastry, or a particular board game. I haven’t received any Brixon Ivy items before but I love everything about this tank – the taupe and blue/navy embellishing, the length, the incredibly soft and comfortable material, everything! Per Nancy’s suggestion, I wore this with my tan wedges, gold bangle, and the Dear John chino shorts, which actually made them look decent (if only because the tank hid the baggy parts). As I am a very short gal I’ll have to be real careful who I stand next to and when I bend over, because the top does come dangerously low. But it’s awesome and I’m keeping it!

So now comes the decision making part, which I feel I’ve already almost completed. Two items are being returned, and two items are being kept. But what about them shorts?? I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on any and or all things, such as what other pieces of clothing I could throw together with these items to make some more awesome outfits. Let’s hear them, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

And if you’d like to start your own Stitch Fix journey, consider using my referral link here (click click). I don’t get paid a cent for any of this, but because Stitch Fix has been such a fun experience for me, I feel others would have fun with it too!


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