Try the World Box #2: Paris

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My second (and free!) box from Try the World came in today. It was part of a buy one, get two flash sale they had on their website (which, funny enough, won’t pop up until you hover over the “back” or “X” buttons on your browser). I was surprised but delighted at the speed of their deliveries. It feels like I received my Marrakesh box only a few days ago though I’m sure it’s been much longer than that. How time flies when you’re busy!

Anyway, on to the pictures!


What was in the box:

Truffettes de France (chocolate truffles)
Maison d’Armorine (salted butter caramels)
Domaine des Vignes (olive dijon mustard)
Charles Antona (Minna organic peach apricot jam)
Le Saunier de Camargue (fleur de sel/flower of salt)
Francois Doucet (pear candied fruit bar)
Mystery Treat

A fun little feature of this box was the mystery treat – mine ended up being the La Mere Poulard butter biscuits.

This box is definitely a dessert/sweet tooth/snacking box, which is different from the Marrakesh one (the partner and I were able to cook an awesome savory chicken dinner comprised mainly of the Marrakesh box items). I’ve already tried the Francois Doucet pear candied fruit bar and it was super yummy! I think next on my list is to cook a lunch garnished with the fleur de sel and then try one of the truffles or caramels for dessert. Mmm!

I also can’t say enough about how much I love their packaging design – there is just so much thought that goes into each detail. It would be cool to speak to someone on their design, packaging, and content writing team just so I can see their thought processes behind everything.

This concludes my trial run of Try the World’s subscription service. I’ll have to give this one some thought – while I adored pretty much everything about it (the design, the surprises, the yummy yummy foods), I’m not sure I can justify the pricing at my current monthly entertainment budget just yet. But hey, if you enjoyed following me along on my ride and are interested in touring the world and trying its delicacies from your home, I strongly suggest you try this service yourself! Use my referral link here and your first box will be $15 off:

Thanks for reading! The next post should be coming up soon – and it’s another Stitch Fix box. Woo!


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